Happy Bio

Happy Bio: Always connected to the Biologic

  • Client:Fattorie Faggioli
  • Date:2013

The project Happy Bio: Always connected to the Biologic, has been financed in the framework of the EARFD (European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development) a Multifunctional Tourist project (biological products, food and wine, activities for the spare time) in tune with the deeper sections of the Community Emilia-Romagna. Camera Work is in charge of dispensing services for the realization of events, brochures and web. Objectives:tTo disseminate the knowledge of the biological agriculture and its products; to facilitate the link between activities of the new chain: agriculture-tourism-environment-culture and the production companies of the agri-food sector; to faciliate the consumption of the biologic products in the framework of coastal restoration and by the agri-food companies involved in the project; to support and promote the information initiatives on wealthy food in the structures involved in the project: gyms, beaches, wellness centers.