About us


Camera Work is a consulting company, established in 1987, that works in the fields of marketing, information, communication and Europoean project.

It takes its name from the movement and the related magazine establishe in the U.S.A. in 1903 by Alfred Stiglitz, that entailed a circle of outstanding artists that, thanks to exchanges with writers, philosophers and European painters, became the supporters of the freedom of expression of the professionals and creative photographers.

Camera Work takes from this origin its spirit of freedom, brave, the art of communication and the passion for innovation.

Marketing and communicationoggetti

Camera Work provides to its public and private clients with the experience, the analysis and the invention in the development of customized marketing and communication actions, able to transfer effectively a message and to reach directly its targets.
Rural development, labour active policies, sustainable tourism, preservation of cultural heritage, business and innovation support are some of the challenges met by Camera Work. They have been turned into successful projects that had an impact in the social and local context.

European project

Camera Work is aware of the importance of the EU and international cooperation at socio-economic level. Therefore, it supports its partners in the development of projects, giving technical assistance at comprehensive level: from the detection of needs and the related selection of funding opportunities, to the elaboration of project proposals and the following managemnt of communication, administrative, accounting and financial activities.


innovation monitoringINNOVATION MONITORING

Every day we are absirbed by a continuos flow of information. Camera Work is able to select for your the most useful ones, organizing specific paths on different themes, such as innovation, research and development, latest knowledge discoveries, news dawn for business.
An important support for the policy-makers, a useful tool to daily deal with a changing world.