Representing the Identities and the Voices of the European Riverains

  • Client:Province of Ancona
  • Date:2008/2010

Camera Work is responsible for drafting the project proposal under the Culture 2007-2013 Programme, the management and coordination, communication and dissemination of results, financial and technical reporting. Objectives: to evoke a common heritage of memories related to the river, to transform them into an occasion of European dialogue and to create new occasions of cultural socialisation in the natural environment of the river; to let a group of European theatre directors meet and create a play based on the stories collected on each project's river (Esino – IT, Jasien - PL, Dâmboviţa - RO, Vantaa – FI); to let young local actors perform the theatre play along the project's rivers. This will encourage the intercultural dialogue among the European audiences in the different territories involved in order to underline the concept of European citizenship.