Europe Desk of the Municipality of Fabriano

  • Client:Municipality of Fabriano
  • Date:2009/2011

Activities: for Fabriano Europe Desk, Camera Work develops the following services:

- structured collection of Fabriano territorial actors,

- research and dissemination of information related to EU programmes and initiatives,

- assistance to the territorial animation activities and support to the Municipality of Fabriano to match the potential european intervention with other stakeholders,

- technical assistance in the elaboration of project draft when coherent with EU programmes.

Objectives: the Europe Desk is a service wanted by the Municipal Administration of Fabriano. It wants to be a link between europe and the city of Fabriano, between Europe and Marche Region for bodies, institutions, trade and employers association, other kind of associations, schools and universities, enterprises and business, in order to grab and share financing opportunities for a common growth.