Museums Creative Workshops

Museums as Creative Workshops

  • Client:Association Museum System of the Province of Ancona
  • Date:2014

Camera Work is partner for the project "Museums as Creative Workshops" ("I Musei, Officine Creative"), funded by Marche Region – Cultural Department (decree 105 ICT from the 23.05.2013). In this project young artist from the regional territory are requested to collaborate with the museums of the territory linked to contemporary art, expressing their creativity in music, design, graphics and video art. Objectives: to raise awareness on the professional ability and the skill of the young musicians, video artists, and graphic designers (aged under 35 years) from the Marche or working in the Marche region, enhancing the preparedness and professionalism; to approach an audience of young people between 18 and 35 years to museums where the concerts will be held, as well as to the world of classical music and visual art; to disseminate to the participants in the events the richness of the museum of the Province of Ancona, motivating them to return in the Province to complete or improve their visit, or to visit the neighboring towns or museums and locations with similar or complementary characteristics.