Cultural District "Urbino e il Montefeltro"

Scientific Coordination of the Cultural District "Urbino e il Montefeltro"

  • Client:Mountain Community Alto and Medio Metauro
  • Date:2013/2015

The scientific coordination of the Cultural District "Urbino e il Montefeltro" for the Mountain Community Alto and Medio Metauro. The action is developed in the framework of the LAG Montefeltro Sviluppo Call for proposals Sub-measure - Training and Information. The company will develop activities of analysis, selection of strategies for the development of the project and information activites. Objectives: mapping of artistic and cultural activities of the territory; strategies related to the cultural district "Urbino e il Montefeltro"; strategies related to creative incubators, young business, attraction of creative talents; monitoring and evaluation of the cultural district.